Low self-esteem

Who would you be if you believed in your potential?








Most clients admit that they don’t talk to anyone as badly as they talk to themselves.  Some think it’s good to be harsh on yourself, some can’t even hear how horrible the words sound, because they’ve played this tune their entire lives.  One thing is certain- self esteem is essential for psychological survival.  When we let negative ideas and judgments about ourselves take over, we let the Critic side of us take over. This usually serves a purpose- it’s usually to keep us safe and shelter us from rejection. But when we avoid being part of the world- avoid going to a party, on a date, a promotion at work, a new project at home or school, we not only deprive ourselves of opportunities to grow and evolve, but we deprive the world of the same.  What’s supposed to keep us safe, ends up trapping and hiding us from better versions of ourselves.


In therapy, we learn about Wise Mind- the opposite of Critic, the voice of reason and balance and calm and realistic appraisal.  The voice of the improved, 2.0 version of who you are today. We learn to listen to Wise Mind and not let perceived dangers deter us from taking opportunities in our lives.

We thank the Critic for what it has to say and how it serves to protect us, but we learn to engage the Wise Mind and approach life with wonder and curiosity and interest.  We engage in circumstances that will increase our self esteem and we increase self esteem by engaging in circumstances that have that potential. 



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